Selling My Soul One Day at a Time


Tuna finally came home last Sunday and life seems to be more chaotic and non-stop than ever.  I haven’t written a blog in weeks, which is very sad (for me anyhow, probably not for you) since I was trying to aim for two a week when I started this.  I have so much ambition when I’m sitting at my desk each day, resenting my job and current situation as my creative brain cells slowly shit the bed.

I sit in front of my work computer, thinking of the great meal I’ll cook when I get home and the blog I’ll write.  I think of how I’ll get in a 3 mile walk to get some exercise after being stationary all day at my desk.  However, by the time I get home, I find myself in dire need of a glass of wine to numb the pain of another day of corporate life (….am I an alcoholic?), and on more occasions than not, the shitting/rainy weather prevents me from getting out for a walk.

And then, of course, there are the number of errands I have to run ON MY WAY HOME (pet store, grocery store, pharmacy, etc.), which means I get home later than I would like to.  Once I’m home I take care of the cats first, and then end up picking up the house (dishes, garbage, litter boxes, etc.).  By the time I start and finish dinner I’m FUCKING burnt out.  However, I still wait up until my boyfriend gets home from work at like 11pm (on weekends it’s MUCH later) so I can see him for 20 minutes before I pass out way too late on the couch, and have to wake up 5.5 hours later to do it all over again.  I’m chronically sleep deprived and I don’t even have kids.

Tuna meows a lot and runs around way more than any cat I’ve ever known.  He is precious though… so I guess I’ll learn to deal with his non-stop energy and incessant meowing….

I am starting to feel like Tom Cruise in that movie where he keeps dying (Edge of Tomorrow) only to have to wake up and do it on repeat each consecutive day.  I don’t know how my parents juggled full time jobs, three kids, and their families etc..

I’m too mentally drained at the moment to write out a full recipe.  I also haven’t cooked much this week since I went out a few times and also have been tending to a new kitten and trying to keep the peace between Tuna and Peeper when they’re together.  I had a lovely dinner on Wednesday night with some friends who are moving across the country.  Friday night I had a friend over for wine and cheese, and then yesterday my friend invited me to an art/music performance.  Today I am not leaving my house (JK… I’m going to force myself to get out for a walk in a few since I’m retaining about 10 lbs. in water weight).

The chicken piccata I was planning on blogging about… I failed to take any pics of the process and it also just looks not that hot plated. 


I made this really good pan-seared salmon a couple of weeks ago with a zucchini puree  (*recipe for the ZUCCHINI PUREE IS HERE) and Israeli cous-cous. It would have been a healthy meal, had I not gone and eaten the entire pot of cous-cous.

Last week, I took off Monday (I honestly should have taken the entire week) to be home with the new kitten.  I went to Fabbrica for drinks and cicchetti with my boyfriend (he was off for once in his life…), and then stopped by The Meat Hook to buy some duck breast for dinner.  I also picked up some delicious heirloom tomatoes to use in a salad.

About to go into the oven to caramelize the brown sugar on top.  I used a quick marinade of spicy sesame oil, lime juice, brown sugar, soy sauce, garlic, pepper and a splash of rice vinegar.
A simple salad with homemade dressing… the heirloom tomatoes are so good compared to all other varieties.
Wretched, unappetizing plating… but the meal was delicious.



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I love cooking, eating, entertaining, dining out, fine wines, not-so-fine wines, partying, shopping, wearing heels, my boyfriend, my family, my friends, and my cat. I dislike boring people and activities, judgmental people, boring foods, and places that don't serve wine.

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