I Don’t Think I had Corona

Sunday, 3/15/2020 – 1:00pm:

I feel 100% better, which leads me to believe I did not, in fact, have coronavirus.  How strange that I felt like crap for 48 hours and am as good as new today… maybe the change in seasons? Seasonal flu (if that’s even a thing)?  Who knows.  Below you can read my account of what I initially thought might be a case of coronavirus.  Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy, kids!


Friday, 3/13/2020 – 1:00am:

I started reading about coronavirus back in early January – right after the New Year.  I didn’t know how serious this shit would be, nor did I ever think it would leave China and basically ruin the entire world.  I kept joking with a work colleague, that I hoped I caught coronavirus so I’d have an excuse to stay home for a couple of weeks…. and now here I am.  Here we are.  The entire economy has crashed and burned, thousands of people working in the hospitality industry have been laid off or let go while others have been forced to take pay cuts. Thousands of people are sick and thousands of people have died.  This isn’t exactly the joke that I thought it was a few months ago, and I am ashamed to say I took it so lightly and made jokes about it.  I was ignorant and didn’t understand the effects that it would have so far and wide on individuals, families, society and the world economy.

I have been riding the subway into and back home from work all week; going into an office building where a thousand others work each day, and going to all of the regular places a person needs to go (deli, grocery store, bank, wine store, etc.) all week.  I am quite sure I am in the early stages of having coronavirus, and will attempt to get tested tomorrow, although I hear from even the handful of medical professionals I know, that there is a shortage of tests even here in NYC and hospitals are sending patients home to self-quarantine without testing them first.

I started to get a tight/itchy throat yesterday, along with a slightly elevated temperature, but I thought it was just a case of somatic symptoms, since I’ve spent all day every day reading about coronavirus for the last few weeks.  Today, it was the same thing – felt kind of warm and flushed all day, with a tight throat – but given that Spring has sprung here in NYC, I also thought it might be seasonal allergies.  And now, here I am.  1:00a.m. on the nose, and I have a temperature of 99.6 Fahrenheit.  My body aches, especially my joints, and I feel run down and beyond tired, yet I can’t sleep because my body hurts too badly to get comfy.  I also have had some occasional chills.

I’ve scoured the entire internet for protocol regarding how and where to get tested in NYC, and cannot find any useful guidelines or information.  I’m going to call the local hospital and emergency walk-in clinic tomorrow and see if they can provide further instruction or any sort of help.  My stomach also hurts and feels like it may explode… not cool.

I kind of knew this would happen.  I haven’t been sick since Fall of 2018 when I had a really bad cold, so I knew it was about time to catch something.  Plus, I totally jinxed myself by wishing I would get it…. be careful what you wish for, kids.  Now, I am worried that if I test positive (which I am sure I will if I can get tested…), who I may have infected, since the incubation period is 14 days, and I spent last weekend with my family upstate.  I will also have to reach out to work and let them know if I test positive so they can deep clean the office and let people know if they were exposed.

I’m trying to stay positive here, but seeing my city in this state of being and my county and the world in this state of being, is not exactly boosting morale.  I pray that my family and friends, and my boyfriends family and friends in Italy continue to stay healthy and safe.  I’m not sure how I will be feeling tomorrow, but I will continue to post updates here, since I want to provide a first-hand account of how this virus is for a healthy, young-ish individual, such as myself.  So far the actual flu has felt worse…. and as always, a hangover is much much worse than what I feel right now.

UPDATE (3/14/2020 – 10:00am):

I woke up about 30 minutes ago and feel about the same as I did last night.  I don’t feel terrible, per se, but I don’t really feel normal or good either.  I still have a slight fever (although not a high one) and my joints are achy (especially my hips, knees and my shoulders).  I also kind of feel like I have a tight chest… it’s not uncomfortable, but it does feel tight.  I called the local walk-in to see what protocol is, and they told me to call the CDC to see if I qualify for testing.  If I qualify, I will get tested at a hospital.  Additionally, my stomach still feels like a painful ball – it is distended and painful but I don’t need to vomit or go to the bathroom, so I don’t know what’s up with that… but I fucking hate being bloated.

UPDATE (3/14/2020 – 2:00pm):

I called the CDC (tried to, anyway) and was on hold for 45 minutes with no estimated wait time or number of callers ahead of me provided.  Needless to say, I don’t have time for that shit and so I hung up.  I doubt I would qualify to get tested anyhow, since I have not been in direct contact with any known-infected individuals, nor have I traveled to any of the high risk countries, and I don’t have symptoms that would warrant a hospital stay.  Although we were informed yesterday at work, that an elevator maintenance guy who was in the building earlier this week tested positive for corona…. we were assured he was only in the basement though and not even in the elevator, but who fucking knows.

My temp reached 100.7 and I took some ibuprofen.  I am feeling slightly better right now, but I’ve noticed the symptoms seem to wax and wane.  I doubt it’s seasonal allergies, since I never have allergies (apart from my eyes getting red and stingy each Spring).  I also don’t think it’s the flu, because I’ve had the flu a couple of times before, and honestly, for me the regular flu felt MUCH worse than how I currently feel.  Plus, the flu symptoms came on faster and harder…. I basically went from 0-100 when I had the flu back in January of 2018.  I guess I’ll just wait to see how this progresses and call the CDC if I start to feel really terrible.  I read that some people can be totally asymptomatic or have minimal symptoms; I suspect I am the later if this is in fact corona.

It’s such a beautiful day outside in NYC.  Such a shame that literally almost every bar, rooftop and restaurant is currently closed down or will close to the general public to prevent the spread of this disease.  I feel like I am dreaming and keep wanting to slap myself to make sure I am not dreaming and that this is real life.  It is truly a shame to be stuck inside on a day like to day where the sun is shining and it’s 55 degrees.  I think I’ll spend the afternoon baking focaccia and hemming a $12 dress that was clearly scaled to fit someone who is at least 5’9″.   There is nothing else to do.  I ordered a new book from Amazon, My Dark Vanessa, and cannot wait for it to arrive.  The reviews were amazing… hopefully it will arrive by tomorrow.

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