Depeche Mode Depression

I need a reason to dress like this every day

The Depeche Mode concert that I had been living for for the past seven months of my life (yes, it was the only thing motivating me and keeping me going some MOST days) has come and gone, and I am back to square one: depressed, unmotivated, hostile, vicious, disgusted with society and the world around me…. just kidding (but not really…).

I think I may need to book tickets for the concert they’ll be playing in October, just to keep my morale and spirits high in these dark times. I might have to sell a kidney on the black market first to afford the tickets (I need better seats next time), but it might be worth it at this point.

The concert at Madison Square Garden on April 14th was so, so good. I waited years to see Depeche Mode perform live, and it was well worth the wait! I still regret missing them when they last played in 2017, but I definitely could not have afforded even nose-bleed seats back then, given my paltry salary. If you like Depeche Mode, I’d say it is worth going into debt to see them perform… life is short.

Despite the Depeche Mode concert having passed, I have a ton of other concerts lined up for Summer. I’m going to see Bush next Sunday, which should be a fun just because concerts are fun as a general rule of thumb. I’m pretty ambivalent about seeing them live; I loved a few songs as a teenager, but I don’t know any of their new music. I’ll be seeing Hollywood Vampires play at Bethel Woods on June 1st; hopefully the weather is good since it’s an open-air venue. I took two days off work to go away for the night, so that is definitely something to look forward to. Getting out of work is always a plus.

I’m going to see Tori Amos at the end of June at the Beacon Theater (one of the loveliest venues, in my opinion). This is another artist I’ve been waiting a lifetime to see, and also missed the opportunity to do so when she performed in Brooklyn last year. The next concert I’m REALLY stoked for though, is Guns n’ Roses in August. We have pit tickets, so that is going to be an experience. This concert will definitely be a fun time and memorable experience.

I feel like I’ve had so much making up to do, what with concerts being cancelled and postponed and reschedules for 2.5 years during the pandemic. I love a good concert… especially when it’s an artist I’ve been listening to forever. I love the feeling of excitement and community at a concert. I’d rather go to a concert than a rave or party any day. I am over partying in NYC these days anyhow… the scene sucks, the drugs are shit, the prices for everything from the tickets to the water bottles to the Ubers are out of control. Big parties just aren’t worth it anymore. Plus, with so little free time, who wants to be hungover or all fucked up on a Sunday when it’s the only day you have off with your significant other each week? My time is too precious and time is moving too fast these days.

One of my favorite parts of going to a concert is finding the perfect outfit. These velvet, low-rise bell bottoms have been waiting in my closet for over a year to be worn; Depeche Mode was the perfect opportunity… despite the fact that it was 86 degrees that day. Global warming, am I right?

I haven’t written a blog in a while because I’ve been working on what was going to be a short story, but has since turned into the beginnings of a book. I’m not sure if I’ll share it here or what will become of it. It’s pretty explicit and also pretty vicious; but that’s who I am. Take me or leave me, the choice is yours. In a world where Roald Dahl books are being revised for what are now considered indiscretions in “offensive” language, I am going to be myself and not censor my thoughts or words in my writing. If this book was to ever be published, I’d probably be cancelled, so I’m going to need a pen name. This book will offend people, but perhaps some people need to be offended in order to step back and take a good, long, hard look at their own behaviors and actions (or inaction, in some cases), and resolve to be a better person.

I haven’t written about food here in a while, certainly not a recipe. I haven’t cooked anything note-worthy in a while; the weather is getting too hot to use the oven, I’m on a diet (when am I not?), and my fiance is also making an effort to continue his fitness and healthy-eating regime, so fatty sauces and pasta dishes haven’t been on the menu lately. I could be like some others and post a basic bitch recipe for lemonade or a salad, but hopefully you’re smart enough and creative enough to know how to do those things without a recipe.

On another note, I am happy low-rise is “back in style” (even though I never stopped rocking it). I’m ready for a Summer of walking around with pants down to my pubic bone and my ass-crack exposed every time I bend over to pick something up or sit down at a restaurant. What a time to be alive! Even the ugly cargo pants I wore as a 14 year old are back in style! Good thing I saved mine:

Glad that my mom never tossed these 2003 Abercrombie cargo pants that I’ve sat in the dresser drawer at my parents’ house for the last 20 years…. now I can be as cool as Gen Z LOL

On another note, I need to leave this city and America as soon as possible. There are too many psychos walking the streets these days. I was harassed/assaulted by a young man on a motorcycle crossing the Williamsburg bridge on Saturday. He was driving his motorcycle on the pedestrian path (I was walking to Williamsburg and he was driving towards Manhattan), and I turned around to attempt to take a video of him speeding away on his motorcycle. He circled back around on his motorcycle and cornered me (he was still on his bike and had me cornered up against a wall of construction fencing) and threatened me, screaming “why did you take a video of me? You better delete that fucking video!” He kept riding on his bike while I tried to escape/continue walking ahead. He finally left when more pedestrians were approaching in either direction. I thought about grabbing my pepper spray, but any man violent and hostile enough to corner a woman on his motorcycle is also probably willing to punch, stab or shoot them. I called 911 as soon as he drove off to report it, and hauled ass the rest of the way home.

A police officer was sent to meet me at the end of the bridge, but I beat them off and kept speed-walking until I was home. I got a call from the local precinct asking if I wanted to come in and report the incident, but what are they going to do? They’re worthless. I just hope this man crashed and died or will in the near future. The world does not need people like this walking around. First of all, he was endangering everyone walking on the PEDESTRIAN path by being on a motorcycle and going 40 MPH across the bridge. Second of all, for him to threaten me, corner me and harass me because he did something wrong, is out of line. He’s probably on parole all ready and was scared I had his face in the video (I literally had a 1 second clip of his back as he sped away). I haven’t been that scared in a long time (not since a deranged, high AF homeless lady grabbed me by the hair last summer).

This country needs help. The people of this country need mental help.

On that note, stay safe out there kids. Cheers!